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From IDSA Statute:

«4. IDSA supervising bodies
4.4. IDSA President supervises activity of IDSA.
4.4.1. Questions which are under the competence of the President:
— representation of IDSA in relations with bodies of the government, the organizations, the third parties;
— signings of financial and economic documents separately determined by the President, and also fulfillment of other actions necessary for achievement of purposes of IDSA, except for those which are related to the competence of other supervising bodies of IDSA;
— organizes execution of decisions of General Meeting and IDSA Presidium.
4.4.2. The president is elected by General Meeting for the period of four years. In case of the absence for any reasons, or for the current work the president has the right to transfer a part of the powers to one of Vice-presidents or Executive director.»

«4. IDSA supervising bodies
4.2. The highest IDSA supervising body is General Meeting of the representatives or delegates from local departments which is convoked by Presidium as required, but not less often, than once in four years.
4.2.1. General Meeting is considered to be valid if not less than 2/3 of IDSA delegated representatives from local departments participate in it. The order of election and number of the delegated representatives are defined by IDSA Presidium. The decisions are made by the simple majority of the voices of the present delegated representatives. Extraordinary General Meeting is conducted under the initiative of Presidium or 2/3 of local departments or IDSA President.
4.2.2. The date, the place of conduction, the agenda of IDSA General Meeting are to be informed in written form to all local departments not later than two months prior to conduction of IDSA General Meeting.
4.2.3. Voting at IDSA General Meeting is carried out by "open" voting if other decision is not accepted on procedure of voting.
4.2.4. Transfer of voices of one delegated representatives of IDSA General Meeting to another is authorized exclusively in written form on the blank of the local department which transfers its vote and signed by the supervisor of the organization.
4.2.5. To IDSA General Meeting are delegated by:
— local departments of IDSA - three representatives with a vote;
— IDSA collective members - one representative with a vote.
4.2.6. General Meeting:
— accepts the Statute, makes changes and additions in it;
— discusses and approves the report of IDSA President and IDSA Executive director;
— elects IDSA President and IDSA Executive director for the period of four years;
— according to offers of IDSA President it asserts IDSA Vice-presidents and Responsible secretary for the term of 4 years;
— elects Presidium for the term of 4 years;
— makes the final decision on the entrance of a new member into IDSA;
— considers and solves any question of activity of IDSA;
— asserts structure of IDSA Revision Commission for the term of 4 years;
— realizes the property right for means and property of IDSA;
— solves the problem on the discontinuance of activity of IDSA.»

«4. IDSA supervising bodies
4.3. During the period between General Meetings the IDSA supervising body is IDSA Presidium.
4.3.1. The quantitative and personal structure of IDSA Presidium is confirms IDSA General Meeting.
4.3.2. IDSA Presidium consists of:
— President;
— Vice-presidents;
— Executive director;
— Responsible secretary;
— Members of Presidium.
4.3.3. Working process of IDSA Presidium is its meeting. IDSA Presidium gathers as required, but not less often, than 2 times in one year. Exact date of conduction of meeting of IDSA Presidium is defined by IDSA President.
4.3.4. At meetings of IDSA Presidium, IDSA President is presiding.
4.3.5. IDSA Presidium:
— develops and approves Regulations about adjudicators, financial positions, Rules of conduction of competitions, Rules on dress, etc.;
— develops and approves Regulations on IDSA Revision Commission;
— defines directions of current work of IDSA;
— disposes the finance and property of IDSA;
— approves samples of seals, stamps, symbolics of IDSA;
— makes decisions about creation of economic-settlement establishments, local departments and approves regulations about them;
— considers applications, accepts documents of candidates into IDSA members and makes corresponding decisions;
— between IDSA General Meetings co-opts to structure of IDSA Presidium new members with proceeding confirmation at IDSA General Meeting;
— takes measures to those members which undermine reputation of IDSA, or break the Statute or Regulations.
In such situations IDSA Presidium has the right:
— to make remarks;
— to make decision on temporary suspension of membership in IDSA;
— to make decision on exclusion from IDSA members.
Appeals on such decisions are directed on IDSA General Meeting, decision which is final.
4.3.6. Meeting of IDSA Presidium is considered to be valid in case of presence of the majority of members of IDSA Presidium. The decision of IDSA Presidium MAST is considered to be accepted if in favor of it has voted the majority of the present members of IDSA Presidium. IDSA President has a decision-making vote in case of equality of voices.
4.3.7. In case of necessity of acceptance of urgent decisions, except for changes in IDSA Statute, IDSA President has the right to declare procedure of post voting (mail or on facsimile connection). Post voting is considered to be valid if the majority of members of IDSA Presidium has voted.»



Presidium of International Dance Sport Association

Structure of Presidium of International Dance Sport Association



Position in IDSA



Svyatoslav Vlokh
IDSA President
Saksaganskogo str. 7, apt. 13
01033 Kyiv
phone: +38 044 239 23 35
mob.: +38 067 442 75 34
fax: +38 044 289 02 51

Igor Samkaev
IDSA Honorary President

Tyumen, Russia


Maryna Parkhomenko
IDSA General Secretary
Saksaganksogo str. 7, apt. 13
01033 Kyiv

Lev Pyankov
IDSA First Vice-President

mob.: +7 499 189 81 25

Li Tian Xiang
IDSA Vice-President

No. 1 of Xinda Road, Jiugong Town,
100076 Daxing District, Beijing

phone: 010-67955158
phone: 010-7955168
fax: 010-67989017

Anatoly Trilisky
IDSA Vice-President

P.O.B. 6139 Havazelet str. 1-b
70500 Qiryat Eqron

phone: + 972 8 9411476
fax: + 972 8 9411476
mob.: +972 54 3037370

Bernd Bork
IDSA Vice-President

phone: 49 2302 23929
mobile: 49 172 585 3414
fax: 49 2302 59340

Viktor Paliy
IDSA Vice-President

Solyana str.14
65066 Odesa

mobile: + 380 67 712 74 76

Jonathan Wilkins
IDSA Vice-President
USA phone: 212 666 8880

Melvyn Low
IDSA Vice-President
BLk 232 Bishan St 22 #B1-112
570232 Singapore

tel.: 64514512

Gennadiy Khavkin
IDSA Vice-President
Ukraine phone: +38 057 702 36 03
mobile: +38 050 592 64 06

Irina Condratieva
IDSA Presidium member

bd. Larisa 4 ap. 12, Balti

phone: +37369065540

Vytautas Duknauskas
IDSA Presidium member
LT 09113 Zirmunu str. 85-46
Vilnius, Lithuania
phone: +37069944444

Aliaksandr Kazyra
IDSA Presidium member

e-mail: mob./ viber: +375 29 6187555 skype: vip.kazyra 

Olena Knysh
IDSA Presidium member
Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya

tel. +38 061 720 21 83

Christian Bertini
IDSA Presidium member

tel.: +3933114325471

Polina Teplenko
IDSA Presidium member

mobile: +79859234243

Marek Sienkiewicz
IDSA Presidium member
Chopina 49 B-14
71-450 Szczecin
phone: +48 914 54 19 55
phone: +48 601 77 13 91

Marek Gorski
IDSA Presidium member


Olena Lemishko
IDSA Presidium member

mobile: +38 067 442 03 84
phone: + 38 044 391 12  42

Yuriy Prochko
IDSA Presidium member

Petlyury str.7, apt. 129, Lviv

mob: +38 067 670 28 25

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