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Влох Святослав Тарасович

Svyatoslav Vlokh


Welcome to the official web-site of International Dance Sport Association

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of IDSA Presidium I would like to sincerely welcome you on official web-site of IDSA.

IDSA is created with the aim to develop and popularize dancesport and to achieve these purposes it suggests the format of maximum open participation in all official IDSA competitions. New open format of conduction of official IDSA competitions means that all the competitions are adjudicated only by adjudicators with International license of IDSA. The participation in all competitions is open for all dance couples who wish to. The prize money are always present. The membership in IDSA for all organizations and dance couples which wish to join is also open and without any restrictions in quantity.

I express my hope that new open format of conduction of official IDSA competitions will assist development of dancesport on the grounds of general availability, highly qualified estimation and objective definition of results of the competitions.

I invite everybody who wish to take part in the work of IDSA and in dancesport competitions which are conducted under aegis of IDSA.

Sincerely yours,
Svyatoslav Vlokh
IDSA President



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Fax: +380442890251

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Асоціація спортивного танцю України Вконтакте







European Dance Sport Federation

Федерація Cпортивного Tанцю Європи

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East European Dance Sport Federation (EEDSF)


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24-25 February 2018

Parad Nadiy 2018

Kyiv, Ukraine




Order about amendment into the List of international Sports federations, to which corresponding All-Ukrainian sports federations are members

Document in Ukrainian



12-16 April 2018

Ischia Dance Festival

Ischia, Italy



Teach for Today or Train for Tomorrow
author Martha A. Harper
translated into Russian

The book, which will be opening for novice coaches and inspires the most experienced teachers to new ideas!

Ordering Phone: +38067 507 38 60

Delivery in Kyiv, Ukraine in other cities and abroad.



25 July - 05 August 2018

Champion`s School Training Camp

Sovinyon, Odessa, Ukraine



Dance To Your Maximum
author Maximilian Vinkelhaus
translated into Russian

Book-bestseller that expands the consciousness and opens up new horizons! Here you can find all the most important secret spices, through which your dance will acquire a new flavor!

Ordering Phone: +380675073860

Delivery in Kyiv, Ukraine in other cities and abroad.



05-16 August 2018

All Stars Training Camp

Khyriv, Lviv region, Ukraine



Tail-suits for sale
Black & Blue
Quality from Danceway Tailoring

Hight 186 sm
Price for request
Ukraine, Kyiv




02 October 2018

IDSA World Open Championships

Beijing, China



Denis Parfyonov & Tetiana Sopit
Professional Dance Couple

Ukrainian Professional Standard Champions

Ukrainian and European Standard Showdance Champions, World Standard Showdance Vice-champions

Private and group lessons
Demonstration performances
Competitions judging

+38067 507 38 60



The Italian Tour




Dancer in a Million
The One and Only

Exclusive Clothing

Information: +380505241005
(Viber, WhatsApp)




Professional Dance Studio

Kyiv, Ukraine


Official web-site of International Dance Sport Association

Urgently placing of your advertising at the official web-sites of UDSA, IDSA, Rating IDSA and social networks

+38067 507 38 60



FAVOR Dance Sport Club

Coaches: Ruslan & Alena Golovashchenko


Danceway Tailoring Atelier

Ballroom Dance Sport Clothes

Gennadiy Mukhametshin



Dance Sport Club "All Stars"

Competitive dancing for children in Kiev

+38063 843 98 68


Competitions schedule
Scrutineer teams
Registration teams
On-line registration
Advertising support
+38 050 5044642



DJ Mishka

Professional music competitions

+38097 611 17 17


Lauta Atelier

Professional elite ballroom and evening dresses

Be special - Wear piece of art!

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Photo album



Головна сторінка

Ukrainian Dance Sport Association

+38067 442 75 34


Official web-site of International Dance Sport Association

Urgently placing of your advertising at the official web-sites of UDSA, IDSA, Rating IDSA and social networks

+38067 507 38 60



Grand prix - магазин №1 в Україні
Все для танців та гімнастики 
з доставкою по всьому світу
+38 097 112-35-53
+38 095 256-49-49
+38 063 011-99-76
+38 067 144-33-93


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